A methodology for creating and understanding melodies, guidelines for composition and concise theory study, leading to a more insightful interpretation of your repertoire…


144 Daily Exercises – Developing Melodic Technique – 28 tightly edited pages of revealing musical secrets – and a play-along CD that will take you 30 minutes to go through 12 carefully selected tonalities in each of all the 12 keys.

There are 9 pages of explanatory text – concisely concentrated, practical information – direct and to the point. Lean, mean theory – guidelines and insights with no padding, no frills.

And 15 pages of exercises including three enharmonic keys, Db-C#, Gb-F#, Cb-B. Chromatic alterations often appear as double flats and double sharps in these keys, but actual performance is easier than it looks.

The treble clef range is most appropriate for saxophone and flute. Brass and strings will need to adjust their octave according to the range of their individual instrument.

Bass clef exercises are available as a PDF that I will send you on request after purchase of the printed manual/CD combination – email me at hiphermit@yahoo.com for your copy.